Upgrade your hand crank bead roller!!!

Posted: July 31, 2018 By: ScottC

Bead rollers are a huge part of any fabrication job on everything from automotive restoration to custom one off vehicles.  Smaller hand crank bead rollers have been out for years with one flaw, you have to crank them.  There are times when you cannot get a second person to help you with larger jobs or you simply don’t really want to crank anymore.  Problem for years has been that larger motorized bead rollers would cost a fortune.  Here at Eastwood we recognized this and developed an affordable motorized attachment which fits a huge span of brand bead rollers.  Out the door we can offer you a motorized attachment and bead roller for less than a huge stand up system.  Our motorized bead roller attachment will fit to bead rollers with a 25mm diameter shaft where the hand crank attaches.  Always check Eastwood.com for your favorite products and attachments.  This product will be coming summer 2018.

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