Rockwood 6″ Air Orbital Palm Sander- Great For Paint Prep

Posted: July 30, 2018 By: ScottC

Prepping your vehicle for body filler and paint are some of the most important parts of any auto restoration or paint job.  You can have the best painter in the world paint you vehicle but if prep isn’t right the job won’t look up to its potential.  With the correct tools and knowledge anyone can prep and paint their vehicle.  I’ll leave two links in this article.  One will be our 4 step paint video to follow up this one.  In that video you’ll be taught all the steps to churn our beautiful paint jobs.   Second will be a link to this tool allowing you to get those perfect prepped panels.  As always Eastwood has you covered on your next automotive project.   4 step paint process and don’t forget to pick up our Rockwood Palm sander.

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