Protect Your Ride – Super Stretch Car Covers – Universal Covers Available in 3 Sizes!

Posted: August 13, 2018 By: ScottC

Letting your car sit around in the shop to collect dust is a great way to get scratches you don’t want.  All it takes is something to brush against the dirty surface to grind all the contaminants into the paint.  The Eastwood Super Stretch covers fit all kinds of cars to protect the finish.  Heck once they get dirty all it takes is a quick ride though your washing machine and they’ll be good as new.  The included storage bag is a great way to keep the cover itself clean when not in use.  Since the cover is breathable you also do not need to worry about condensation under the cover while in use.  With three sizes to choose from odds are we have you covered.  For these car covers or any tool to help do the job right visit 

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