1. Question, in a previous life in the 1960s I did some painting, enamel,lacquer,candy apple base coat clear coat, back then the final sanding prior to color was 600 to 800 wet (or base coat) then after color dried 800 wet prior to clear coat, that was the way I achieved the wet look and mirror finish you could shave in, now I want to paint my pride and joy with the new paints with the activators does the same sanding apply? ( know about block sanding, shadow sanding ) Have asked at Paint store and they are telling me I need to go rougher like a 220 or 320 for paint to adhere does not make sense to this country boy, could you please enlighten me.

  2. Hi Robert, we suggest abrading the primer/surface with 400-600 before applying the base coat. Once the base coat is applied it has an open window of 18 hours (after it dries) where you can apply the clear coat directly over top of the base. If you get outside of that window we suggest abrading the base coat with 600 grit paper (without cutting through the color of course) before applying your clear coat. Each of our paints and clears have their instructions with them on the product page if you’d like to review the prep and spraying procedures before purchasing. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Paul, yes a trick with single stage is to add a small percentage of clear into your final coat or two to achieve additional gloss levels.

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