How to restore faded plastic parts-Eastwood Plastic Resufacer

Posted: June 14, 2018 By: ScottC

A huge amount of vehicles sold over the years have at least a couple parts on the exterior which are made from a black plastic.  The problem at hand is we all know what happens after a couple years, the plastic fades.  Next thing your left with is a chalky looking part which really detracts from the vehicle’s over all appearance.   Other companies have created so called “wipe on” coatings.  Problem with these is the constant need to re-apply.  After almost every wash you wind up needing to put more on to ensure the part still looks nice.  The case isn’t so for our Plastic Resufacer.   This is a potent product which re-flows the plastic surface and adds back color that the sun has faded away.  It gets deep into the plastic to reflow and restore the factory finish.  Check out all the specs on this award winning product here:

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