How to Restore a Wheel – Remove Rust & Make Wheels Look New Again!

Posted: August 16, 2018 By: ScottC

With just a couple of product from Eastwood you can make your vehicle’s wheels look new again.  Today we show the simple step necessary to clean up some older wheels.  First we used a blast cabinet to get the rust and paint off.  Don’t worry about not having a blast cabinet as you could also use a smaller Blast out of a Bucket system or even a chemical paint stripper to pull the old paint off.  From here we quickly got into protecting the metal with a coat of Self Etching primer.  This type of primer will “bite” the surface and lay the ground work for a durable longer lasting paint job.  For color on this job we used our Silver argent wheel paint but we do also offer different colors and options.  Finally to lock in all the paint and protect our work we sealed this job with our Diamond clear.  All of these products are super easy to used and come in a convenient spray can size.

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