How To Flare & Form Brake Lines + Get Your Questions Answered

Posted: March 7, 2017 By: John

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4 thoughts on How To Flare & Form Brake Lines + Get Your Questions Answered

  • Hello Guys,
    Great video. Especially liked two tools, the bending tool for short fine tuning turns and your tip on forming a coiled line at the end. I recently completed plumbing a 32 Ford with 1/4″ stainless tubing. I had two areas that fit “my way of doing” a bit better. No-1 I preferred a ratchet type tubing cutter over the one in your kit such as the one made by Wiss, good square cuts less effort and time. No-2 I preferred placing the handle of my tubing bender in a vise for better control of the bend. Your bender with the rubber handles is somewhat awkward for me to fit into the vice jaw. If you place the handle w/o the rubber, the vise jaws tend to chew up the aluminum after a while. Lastly, making a custom short line adapter line having different sizes on each end could have been of interest.

    One area that I ran into running 1/4 inch tubing with 7/16-20 male threads as Ford did back in the day was adapting this fitting to a 1/8 NPT female stainless tube that passed through my boxed frame having a 3 AN male fitting on the other end. Seems no one longer makes a 1/4″ inverted Female tee having one leg a 1/8 npt male any more. Any ideas aside from added adapter fittings? Again, great video. Best Regards, Walt

  • When do you use the other dies? One side says 45 degrees and the other says “din”, what does that mean?

  • DIN is used when making bubble flares and the 45 degrees side is for standard single or double flares.

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