Fabricate Door Jambs, Windshield Channels & More! Elite Deep Jaw Shrinker/Stretcher

Posted: July 19, 2018 By: ScottC

Today we cover how a shrinker stretcher works.  In any restoration project a Shrinker/stretcher can save you ridiculous amounts of time and money.  Nothing is worse than trying to make a corner by cutting out 6 or more pieces to weld together and make a curve.  Then the filler work required to smooth it out would be excruciating not to mention dusty as all get out.  In the time it would take you to cut all the pieces you could probably already have a nice gentle curve with very minimal body filler work.   Watch as we show how versatile a shinker stretcher can be and the number of parts you can recreate.  When the times comes to add one to your shop look no further than here.

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