Painting & Powdercoating

Devilbiss Finishline 4 – Perfect Paint Gun for Primers!

Need a stand alone primer gun?  Look no further than the Devilbiss Finish line 4 primer ...
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Eastwood Wheel Paints! Silver Argent – Rally Wheel – Satin Black – Save that Old Set of Wheels

Don't pitch those old rusty wheels.  Give them new life with our Line of wheel paints.  ...
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High Temp Body Filler – Perfect for Powder Coating! Eastwood

If you have ever thought about using a body filler when powder coating you'll need one ...
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Concours 2 HVLP Paint Gun – Spray Primer, Base & Clear Coat!

Save money with our Convenient Spray gun kit.  The Eastwood Concours 2 paint gun kit includes ...
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ColorBond – Change Interior Color on Leather, Vinyl, Fabric, Metal and Most Hard Plastics!

Inevitably after you have owned your vehicle for sometime one of two things will occur.  Either ...
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How to restore faded plastic parts-Eastwood Plastic Resufacer

A huge amount of vehicles sold over the years have at least a couple parts on ...
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