Mike U., Eastwood Tech Advisor- What Makes Us Tick

A finely tuned machine- Eastwood Employees makes us tick

We want to share the great Eastwood staff with you, our customers! We have asked them to fill out the first five questions, and then pick 5 random questions from a “Wildcard” section of questions. We allowed them to answer these however they’d like. You’d be surprised at what some of us have to say!

1. Name and Title at Eastwood? Retail Store Supervisor/Tech Advisor

2. What the heck do you do all day? Supervise.. haha… work with our retail team to help our customers get what they need and make them a Happy Eastwood customer

3. Did you come from an automotive background before Eastwood? What did you do before Eastwood? Yes 30
years building and restoring classic cars, and street rods

4. When not talking cars, tools, and restorations all day, what are a few of your hobbies? What else is there besides cars??!!

5. What’s your favorite Eastwood product? Why? That is a tough one… all are products are great, but I would say the welders are my favorite

Eastwood Welders

6. What’s your favorite thing about working for Eastwood? Meeting new people and helping them with their projects.

7. What was your first car? 55 chevy

8. What’s the worst car you ever seen or driven? Why? Corvair. Why? No power! I have need for speed thing..lol

9. Other than bills, what do you find yourself spending your money on? My 32 Roadster

10. Do have any prize possessions? What are they? My 3 daughters, because they’re mine.

11. Do you have any projects going right now? What are you building, restoring, or a job you are tackling next? my 32 Ford High boy. It’s currently in Eastwood Gray Urethane Primer that I sprayed with the Eastwood Concours Paint Gun and the interior is covered in Eastwood Thermo-coustic.

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