‘Shop Talk’ Podcast – Episode 14: Jesse Greening, Two-Time Ridler Award Winner

Wanna know what it takes to be a Ridler Award Winner?

In this episode of Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk,’ Kevin Tetz chats with Jesse Greening, two-time winner of the Ridler Award as well as many high ranking acknowledgements from the best shows in the country!

Jesse is from the Greening family, owners of Greening Auto Company, a business that has earned the reputation as one of the most professional outfits in the country, kicking out outstanding custom parts, accessories, one-off wheels and awesome designs.

Jesse explains how they’ve achieved that level of excellence over the years, and it might surprise you how simple that formula is to replicate.

So sit tight, listen to Kevin and Jesse chat it up & don’t forget to keep up with Kevin via Eastwood’s Blog & Youtube Channel!

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