Brain Reeves- 1965 Mustang

“When I was 18 I lost a very dear close friend to a car accident. I purchased a 1965 mustang coupe from her parents that was her car. I m ade a prom ise to m yself that I would build the car in her m em ory. I have kept the car and bounced it from garage to garage for going on 24 years now. It sits in my garage now waiting for me to continue what I had started. In the time I have owned the car I have gotten it down to rolling chasis and collected come parts. However I have also gotten married and fathered three beautiful boys who happen to take m ost of m y tim e and m oney. My wife has been patient with m e and understands the meaning of this car in my life. It’s funny but when I talk to friends I have kept in touch with they always ask if I still have the car. My reply is always “of course, I still need to finish it!” Anyway I try to work on it when time and funds permit. Unfortunately that is few and far between. I am at the metal work and body work stage. I need to repair some rust issues and snad and prep the body for paint. So I appeal to your sense of com m itm ent and dedication to honor m e with the prize to com plete m y prom ise to a fallen friend. Thank You for the consideration Brian Reeves To the memory and dedication of Ann “Charlie” Beall. You are gone but not forgotten! Love and miss you every day.”

I’m ready to vote:


  1. If I was closer I would come and help, keep pluging away. I have also lost a friend and am restoring a 66 coupe in memory aswell.

  2. I have known Brian for almost 20 years and he will never give up on the car…goo for you, I hope u win!!

  3. What an amazing story. I remember when Brian picked up this car from storage and brought it home. It was obviously emotional for him even though he wouldn’t say it. But still Brian is a true blue guy and spent time with myself and his cousin supporting her through a rough time with encouragement. There are so many reasons Brian deserves to complete this car. Just like he promised to complete it for his friend he’s a great friend everyday to everyone he knows.

  4. ok, I looked at all the other nominees and I chose you and your car. Eastwood products and support are great, and it would sure be a big help for you to win. win or loose though, its time to map out what needs done. write out a budget, and start gettin er dunn !! I see a nice family project here—good luck and have fun with this hobby!

  5. I too have a vehicle with a story. My cousin, Lt. Michael Scott Lamana was in the Pentagon Sept. 11, 2001 where the plane crashed. In 1990 I bought his prized 1965 Mustang with hopes to restore it back to near original and then show him the finished project. Over the years it got worked on a little at a time but never close to completion. After he died in the Pentagon, I started to renew my efforts to complete the car and raise a family. I just got the car back last month from the paint shop and will be working to get the car back together hopefully by July 4. My plans are to make it a tribute car for him and the family.

  6. Anyone who’s kept after a project that long while trying to work and raise a family gets my respect. My brother and I are struggling to restore a 70 1/2 Falcon, while he cares for his invalid wife, which takes the majority of his time, so I’m sensitive to his struggles as well. Good luck, Brian!

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