Keith Paine- 1957 Chevy 3100 Truck

“I am a state trooper in upstate NY. I also have a 57 chevy 3100 pickup that I have restomoded from the ground up. On 3/2/11 while I was working patrol parked behind a disabled vehicle I was struck from behind at 59mph (radar on monitoring speed) by a full size nissan pickup. The accident left me with three herniated disk in my neck and nerve damage and I needed over a years worth of therapy (of which I continued to work full time) to resolve just to find out that I would need surgery on my left shoulder (fully detached labrum and damaged bursa of which I recieved 2 months ago). I should be fit for full duty and able to start my project again in another couple of months. Needless to say, my 57 chevy pickup has sat 80% completed for about 20 months now. Nothing like watching your pride and joy of a vehicle sit all summer long (for two summers!) because you can’t do the small things to get it going. Because of my injuries, my wife has also worked (an ER R/N) only about 1/3 of what she used to forcing her to take a part time position just to take care of me and our son leaving us financially down as well. My truck is a 57 chev 3100 w/ a 72 corvette 350 turned into a 383 stroker fuel injected and a stage 1 th350. Mustang II front end w/ disk brakes. The metal work is done with a ton of custom fabrication. I notched and boxed the frame lowering it @6″. Shaved door handles, custom interior frenched lights. Eastwood is a great company and even if I didn’t get selected I’ll continue to buy your quality products. thanks, Keith”

I’m ready to vote:


  1. Now here is an example of a guy who while helping someone became the victim. Yes it was his job but it is just an example of how dangerous an incident can be.

  2. Keith so many first responders and emergency services members that I know and worked with have been injured like yourself while on duty helping others. All are truly heros and have seen extraodinary, sometimes horrible things. You have my vote, thanks for helping keep society safe, policing is a selfless job. I can completely relate to the financial drain such an injury can be. I almost sold my 1939 Chevy a project car of 20 years after my own upper spine injury. With a bit of restructuring and with the encouragement of my supportive wife it still sits in the shop waiting for a day when I am well enough to finish it also, Hang in there brother!

  3. Wife an ER Nurse? Gee, so was mine, we met over me bring her patients to Rochester General.

    I’m a volunteer firefighter and have the utmost respect for the TROOPERS!

    Hope you get well quick Keith!

  4. What a suprise to see my truck on here! Its an honor just to be a finalist and get to share my story. Thank you to those of you that commented as it means a lot. If anything it will hopefully remind people to slow down and move over for first responders. Overall I am lucky with the injuries I have and realize that it could have been much worse. I’m here, I’m alive, I have a wonderful family and great supportive friends and someday soon I’ll be working on my project again. thanks again

  5. Keith I know how bad it can get being injured on the job. Me, a now disabled LEO that was par-taking in a 10 ten year motorcycle of 9/11. itting on the side of the highway in the break down lane some idiot looking for his cell phone didn’t see me. Well long story short hit at 65 mph and flying through the air. 2 months in the hospital and now disabled.
    So yah, I’ve been through it and you my brother get my vote. Good luck and geterdone.

  6. Keith,you have a great attitude and thank you for what you do. People don’t realize how dangerous your job really is. We never hear the stories of the lives you save but we hear the stories of all the crazies who do terrible things. I think its time to thank the real hero’s.
    I hope you win this, you deserve it.

  7. Keith I know just how dangerous your job is and while I was going over the road I’d seen a lot of close calls when someone wasn’t paying atten. I hope the best for you.

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