Emmanuel Koutouzos- 1969 Chevelle SS

“This Year was very difficult for me and my family. We came home late sunday night the first weekend of January to find our house on fire. After the realization that there isn’t anything you can do to stop the situation, we had to sit and watch our home burn to ground with my first vehicle ever sitting in the carpool. My dad helped me purchase the car when I was only 14 and I started working side jobs to pay him back. It helped me learn a life lesson early on, that you have to work hard to get what you really want. Something I carried with me my whole life. The car was a true SS 1969 Chevelle, the original 396 was in storage and a 496 stroker big block was sitting in it place. The chevelle was 85-90% complete and waiting for funds to finish the interior and trim.After some very hard times and alot of heartbreak we have started rebuilding our home and now we’ll be able to have a garage to have a proper place to restore our beloved chevelle. Plans include media blasting every piece and restore the chevelle better than before. Eastwood’s product would be an amazing help with this huge task of restoring our beloved chevelle once again. Thank you for this opportunity, Emmanuel Koutouzos”

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  1. Last August my garage burnt with my 57 gmc that was 85% done with the same waiting for funds to rebuild. I fill your pain, but no one hurt.

  2. I can say that I feel your pain because I have always wanted a muscle car and now that I have one I am unable to work due to back problems and I sit and watch my 1968 Chevy Nova almost to the brink of completion parked in the garage but just don’t have the funds left to finish it but I certainly hope you get the chance to finish your dream ride and please email some photos if you win!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. hell man, some restoration ahead of you here. like the other commenters here, I also was doing restoration on a 60’s jaguar e-type until i ran out of funds and it started to prove difficult to source some parts also..hours spent at scrapyards..

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