Dana Gabbard- 1946 Ford Convertible

Posted: December 13, 2012 By: MattM

“My dad is 72 years old. He has a 1946 Ford Convertible that he has had since his twenties. It is in pieces. I have always dreamed of having a street rod and auto body shop. Dad has always supported me in everything, including getting my business off the groung. Five years ago I purchased a building and made a go of it. Dad is there to help every day not expecting anything in return. We have survived a tough economy where I work very long hours just to see that my employees and all of the bills get paid, and Dad is right there supporting me all the way. He has sacrificed being able to put his car on the road to see that I achieve my dream. It is hard to see him grow older each year and not have his car together. My dad lives his life for others. For as long as I can remember, he had dressed up as Santa and gone to hoses of Family, Friends, and complete strangers on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with candy canes he buys himself, just to bring joy to others. He is so selfless and deserves to have that car driveable while he can still enjoy it. $2,500 in Eastwood credit would go a long ways in getting some of the products and materials needed to get his project going. Please help me in saying thank you to my dad, Dana Gabbard, a great man who deserves it. Thanks Marc Gabbard Yakima, WA”

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12 thoughts on Dana Gabbard- 1946 Ford Convertible

  • I believe Dana should receive the money to build his car.I read the stories of how people lost loved ones, they lost interest, but I understand how it is to give up your time to help someone.I do it everyday, when the day is done you look or should I say I look at my 81 trans am and say, maybe tomorrow.When tomorrow comes, there are new faces to help.To dress up as santa and walk around to the many houses, takes a lot of time and energy.Try walking just 10 minutes, you’ll see.I feel Dana isn’t lazy, or putting it off, or is in military or a cop.He is a dad, giving up his time to help others.Just like Mr Chip Foose.Giving up so much of his time for others, I was touched when his crew built up his pickup for him…I vote Dana.

  • Please help by voting for Dana! Lets give him some payback for all the years he has Paid It Forward!

  • Its time for Santa to give Dana the present he so deserves. Its nice to see good will is still alive today. This story reminds me of the movie Its a wonderful life. Dana you got my vote!

  • You guys picked some very deserving people. What a tuff choice, I respect the others stories very much and I wish I could vote for more than one. Dana, you have my vote! What a wonderful father you have and I would like to see him driving that car as well. Good luck to you and your wonderful Dad.

  • Nice father you have,you are very lucky to still have him,your history is a great lesson for a lot of people,i will vote for you,martin,montreal,quebec,canada

  • Mr. Gabbard is my choice. Several of the others have certainly faced hard times: the Police Officer, the Vets, cancer suffers kin and more but this “Dad” hits home with me. My Dad had dreams and with 6 kids during the 50’s he was waiting for us to grow old enough to start his own business; fixing cars with his 4 sons. A very tough war experience as a POW seems to have left it’s toll and he passed at age 45. I especially miss him as we were both made from the same mold and I experienced all his dreams myself including motorcycles,prototyping, boats, hot rods, etc. I look forward to our reunion in the afterlife although I will be older than him! Dana and his Dad should have their time together fixing that ’46 so that “Santa and his Elf” can share Christmas with pothers from within the Convertible!

  • My Dad is the nicest man in the Yakima valley. Marc (my beloved bro) didn’t even mention the time that dad gave a trailer to a family in need to live in just because he knew it was the right thing to do. My vote is for the man whose name I bear!!!

  • Dana’s middle son was one of my dearest friends in high school 30+ years ago and still is. Dana hooked me up with my first car and any time I needed anything…anything at all I knew I could call him. No one deserves this more than Dana. It’s time he got back just a small fraction of what he’s gladly given all his life.

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