David Chambers- 48 Plymouth

“In 2010, I fulfilled m y contract with the US Army, as a disabled combat soldier. I entered automotive school shortly thereafter, and graduated this past Aug.The entire time I was in school,I was doing my best to pay off debt from when I was younger and less concerned with the future, but never made much progress. I’ve only just found a job, as a fabricator. It not being my chosen field, I’m not left much room to work on my cars, nor save up to purchase the equipment I need to do what I love, restore and customize cars and motorcycles. I’ve acquired a few tools here and there, but I still lack the larger, more expensive tools, even a welder. I don’t even have a garage to work out of. I’ve worked to be a productive person as much as I can, but keeping m y head above water is a struggle on m ost days. I do my best to maintain a positive attitude, and work as hard as my body lets me, but debt collectors seem to enjoy reminding me that no matter how hard I work, the money I earn, isn’t mine. I admit things could be worse, so I don’t ask for hand outs, but after a while, desperation takes over. I need a hand. I don’t need a miracle. I just need a welder and a few other things. I need to start doing what I love again. I have a 48 plymouth that I love, but the floor is nearly gone, and the rockers are rotting through. I need these things, so I can make my life about fabricating, not just wishing.”

I’m ready to vote:


  1. My vote goes to David Chambers because he is a disabled veteran who has admirably served our country and is asking for a hand up not a handout, therefore he is more deserving of this help than anyone else in my opinion. Thank you David for serving our country and welcome home soldier!

  2. Good luck david. As a disabled person myself, and A brother in arms. U.S.M.C. My vote must go to you. Semper Fi.

  3. Press on and get that car done. I to came back from Iraq in 2005 with a spine injury. My Gto is still a project. I did get it running this summer but the carb gave problems. Welcome back and good luck.

  4. I work as an employment specialist with soldiers, many returning from combat duty, who are without jobs – so I know how difficult this can be. I also have a ’41 Chevy project that is a slow mover, and come from an Army family, so my vote goes to you. Thanks for what you have done for us, and for your country.

  5. I vote for David, because he needs it just as much as I do & If I get the votes, I’ll share 50/50 with him & give hands on help on his project if he will help with mine.
    Thank You For Being There David.
    Honoring You & Our Army: This We’ll Defend” …. Duty, Honor, Country”
    My Father was NAVY, so in his honor I’ll say: Honor, Courage, Commitment ….Fair Winds & Following Seas.

    Build On My Friend
    Janice Payne & Country

  6. Dave, try the Eastwood TIG/Plasma cutter outfit – works great for me!

    Good Luck!

  7. My vote is for you man. You made it back home. It is a lot harder out here in the real world as we called it in the Marines. It took me about six years to get the equipment together to start really playing with cars with my own equipment. Just remember, some things you can’t cheap out on. Hope the tools can help but you need to garage to start with.

    Go with a mig on gas and not a tig for bodywork. I have a car buddy with $5000+3 phase welders in migs, tigs, plasmas in his shop. When he does car work he grabs a 120 volt lincoln and prefers a cutoff wheel too. Go figure. Save on the plasma cutter for another rainy day. Too rough a cut, hot, and messy for detail stuff on a car but they are really cool! Mine sits around about 99.99% of the time. Cut off wheel is better.

  8. Being a retired disabled combat veteran myself…. without a garage; I know where your coming from. Thank you for your service. My vote is for you, Good Luck!

  9. My hat is off to you am a disable vet also took me over five years just to get my feet on the ground you picked a good car to do that to am doing my second car it is a ford just don’t let things get you down.
    things well come your way just keep smiling and take one day at a time all you can do and thank you for your service

  10. I am with you David. I returned from Iraq in 2010. I picked up a 47 sedan. Yup, still working on it. I met a lot of broken young men during the last few years, and I will not forget what you have given. Keep your head up and drive on!
    Good luck

  11. David thank you for your service. As far as those pesky debt collectors, usually they’ll take pennies on the dollar, but when you make a deal with them and before you send them any money get it in writing from them.

  12. I am a navy vet vietnam era,a truck driver,and chaplin
    and a mopar nut,never give up never surrender!the car needs a dodge hemi!241hemi i have a bunch!

  13. Air-Force veteran here, thanks for your service. Don’t give up. I have a Mustang, and it gave me alot of headaches, but I stil have it and she runs good now. You have my vote.

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