Craig Bresley- 1956 Buick Super

“I drive a school bus part time. I’m a disabled OIF Veteran. My wife is currently serving. I have a 1956 Buick Super that I have been working on for over a year but its got a long way to go! The shock mounts on the rear are busted off so it bounces with the wind! The transmission leaks so bad Im afraid to drive it and risk burning it up. Everything I have done to it has been on the cheap(spray can primer, blankets for seat covers). I would love to have the Super drive-able so I could have family outings in it. Not asking for full custom, just drive-able.” -Craig Bresley

I’m ready to vote:


  1. Thank you for your service! Good Luck in this Eastwood contest and Good Luck in the all your future endeavors! Please thank your wife for her continuing service! Been there, done that, it’s not an easy life, Hang Tough brother!

  2. I am the proud mother of a United States Airmen! While he is serving we care for his 54 Chevy. I truly understand and appreciate what our service men and women do. I would like to thank you for your service. You have my vote!

  3. My dad served in Korea. When he got home, his pride and joy was his 1954 Buick (yellow & green). He traded it in on a ’57 Chevy Belaire, and hated it! Became a big Pontiac man for years, but always talked about how he loved those old Buicks! You get my vote in my dad’s honor. Carry-on soldier!! Good luck!

  4. Always willing to help out fellow vets. Let’s give back to someone who has given us our freedom!

  5. As I mentioned previously, I’ll be happy to remanufacture the Dynaflow Transmission in your Buick Super for you. You might be able to get some help with shipping from the Eastwood folks. We remanufacture over 700 units a year, many of them vintage, exotic, or otherwise scarce units. Dynaflow, Dynashift, Super Turbine 300, Hydramatics, are all welcome here. I’m making a bona fide offer here, take me up on it.

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