Why You Need Hydraulic Wheel Dollies

Wheel dollies are heaven-sent product for moving vehicles around with ease. Towing and recovery teams have been using them for a long time to move disabled or crashed vehicles off the road but there’s more uses for them and there also have been advances in design to make them easier to use. While our standard wheel dollies do their job they can be a little cumbersome to use since you have to jack the car up to get the dollies underneath. Hydraulic dollies allow you to simply open the arms up and slide it around the tire and then pump the arm to bring the arms together to raise the wheel off the ground. This also saves from damage to a nicely detailed frame or body if you need to move a show car around in storage. We offer the hydraulic wheels dollies in pairs as you can easily raise just the rear end of a vehicle and steer the front. Wheel dollies are one of our go to items as well with removing old cars from barns, garages, etc where they haven’t rolled or steered for years. This will save the hassle of freeing up wheels in a dirty old shed or barn and allow you to free up the steering, brakes, etc in the comfort of your own shop.

When using hydraulic wheel dollies there are a few tips that will save time or hassle! Firstly hydraulic wheel dollies roll up under the tire with the rollers on the arms. In order for them to roll under the wheel the tire needs to have some sort of air pressure in it. If the tire is totally flat the dolly rollers will just push into the tires and won’t effectively lift the car. Keep that in mind when trying to move a car. Also remember that there is a safety pin on the end of the dolly. As you lift the you will holes show from the box tubing. Simply drop the pin into the hole and then release the hydraulic cylinder pressure this will take the load off of the hydraulics and prolong the life of your dollies. To release the dollies simple pump the dolly up a pump to take the pressure of the pin and loosen the knob on the cylinder.

As you can see the Hydraulic Wheel Dollies are both a time saver and a big help when moving vehicles around. We like to keep both styles in our shop to handle any situation easily. You can find all of our automotive storage products HERE.

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