Why Use Eastwood Intermix Paint System

Custom Paint with the mystery taken out!

In this day and age standing out in the crowd with your custom car is getting harder and harder. No matter how many colors you have someone always wants something different and we’ve come to the conclusion we’ll never have enough paint colors to make everyone happy. But what we can do is take some of the mystery work out of custom mixing paint. On custom paint jobs pro painters may custom mix paint colors and even sometimes paint additives like metal flake, pearls, etc. But if you’re a weekend warrior and you want an easy way to come up with a custom paint job or even a way to jump start a custom finish you may be interested in our Intermix Paint System. We’ve worked to put some of our most popular paint colors together in just about every configuration possible to come up with custom paints and effects that you can easily mix and replicate at home!

Available in dozens of colors, Eastwood’s Intermix Paint System custom mixed paint choices all feature the most modern automotive refinish technologies paired with premium raw materials in an incredibly user-friendly system that delivers beautiful results in a wide range of colors including classic solids and eye pleasing metallics.

  • Same quality formulation as Eastwood’s standard paint colors
  • Choose your own, unique one-of-one color
  • One kit makes up to 2 complete gallons
  • Use as a single stage or may be top-coated with clear
  • Most Kits have an Approximate coverage of 125 SQ FT per gallon

May be used as a one-step single-stage topcoat, or in combination with Premium European or Premium Urethane Show Clearcoat for even better protection and a deeper gloss. Either way, this advanced urethane color system is the ideal choice to perfectly complete any restoration project, from antique and classics to more modern muscle cars and resto-mods. We’ve spent a lot of time “in the labs” mixing colors to come up with our favorites and we hope you’ll like them! If you want to further customize your paint you can even add another color or more/less of one of the parts to give it your own custom touch. We suggest making notes to keep with the car for the mixing ratios if you decide to go that far. Luckily with the Intermix system you can more quickly get to a “base color” and then add your custom touch to it.

To see all of our Single Stage and Base Coat – Clear Coat Colors visit our Paint Category HERE.

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