Why Do I Need a Bead Roller?

Why Bead Roller’s are a must…

Bead rolling has been around for a very long time. Being used whenever rigidity is needed and to give panels extra strength. If you are new to bead rolling or if this is your first article about bead rolling, you may be asking yourself as to why you need one of these. In this article I will be discussing why these machines are so important in the fabrication world; Whether it be automotive, aviation, construction, or pretty much any other industry, bead rolling is used everywhere!

If you are fabricating a flat piece of metal and get it to the point where you mock it up in your car, it’ll look good all fitted, however it might be kind of a boring piece with no eye appeal. This is where bead rolling comes into play! You can simply take this panel off, come up with a design of your own, mock it up on the panel, and make a piece of art that is one of one that only you have!

Not only does bead rolling give your pieces a slick design, but it also immensely reinforces the panel so if you had a piece of flimsy steel before, once through the bead roller you will have a strong and sturdy panel! Bead rolling is also a very versatile tool. With being able to purchase many different types of bead rollers for a steal of a price from Eastwood this leaves you mainly having to worry about the dies. Which Eastwood also sells for a heck of a price!

You can purchase dies of all sorts depending on what type of job you are going to be doing. Whether you want to make a piece of artwork for the wall or making strategic bends in a floor pan the bead roller has got you covered! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get one for yourself and give it a try!

Wanna watch a video on how to bead roll? Look below!

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