Why are Scroll Compressors More Efficient

Scroll Compressors have been the standard in high quality air compressors for a little while now. But many times the cost deters most buyers from purchasing. When looking at the specs of a scroll compressor versus a piston-type compressor it is pretty impressive how efficient the scroll really is. Scroll compressors can put out close to twice as much air a piston compressor of a similar size or have a much higher duty cycle. What’s the secret behind their efficiency and is it worth the added cost?


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The internal workings of a scroll compressor is where the magic occurs. There isn’t a rotating assembly like a piston type compressor and there isn’t a “stroke” where the compressor isn’t compressing air. The scroll compressor uses two spiral shaped scrolls that will oscillate eccentrically continually. What happens is that air is always being compressed between the scrolls and there isn’t a downtime in between “strokes” where no air is being compressed. This also means there aren’t many moving parts needed for maintenance and will require less attention periodically.

We’ve found that scroll compressors MUCH smaller than a piston type can handle the same output because of their efficiency which means you’ll save space too! See our entire Air Compressor offerings HERE.

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