Why are Microfiber Towels Better for Cleaning a Car?

In today’s world of infomercial gadgets and get-rich-quick Shark Tank product ideas one can become a little skeptical of buzzword products. In the cleaning world; specifically auto detailing Micro Fiber rags, towels, and other cleaning products may seem a bit gimmicky. Sure you can use you favorite old band shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore or a paper towel, but there’s real science to why a microfiber rag may be better for cleaning your pride and joy vehicle. Read below as we detail what makes microfiber towels so much better.

What is Microfiber?

The science to microfiber towels is actually broken down into how it is manufactured. Microfiber is a synthetic material (usually nylon or polyester) that when split becomes great at absorbing liquids and cleaning surfaces. Most cleaning microfiber towels are of the “split fiber” type. If the rag catches on your hands when rubbing it across you have a good split fiber towel. When microfibers are split they become almost microscopic and tend to be thinner than a strand of silk or a single human hair! Because of the way the fibers are split a split fiber microfiber will have 3-4 times as much surface area than a standard cloth rag of the same size. The fibers on most quality microfibers are positively charged and will actually attract negatively charged dirt and surface contaminants.

Who Do I tell which Microfiber Towel is Better?

The auto detailing industry is flooded with cleaning products and different microfiber cleaning towels. There is a BIG difference in quality and just using the term “microfiber” doesn’t guarantee you’re getting a quality cleaning split fiber towel. Cheaper microfiber towels will often have a smaller fiber count and won’t absorb or clean as well due to the loss in cleaning surface area. If the rags aren’t a true split fiber rag they might not absorb at all. A GOOD microfiber towel will soak up liquid as you wipe a surface down and will catch on your skin ever-so-slightly. If your current microfiber doesn’t do that it may be a lower quality. Some of the lower end microfibers may be good to keep in your auto detailing arsenal for dirtier surfaces where you don’t want to mix rags.

Are All Microfiber Cleaning Products the same? 

With the break through in microfiber technology you’re beginning to see more items than just a towel made of microfiber material. We’ve be rounding out our auto detailing arsenal with microfiber items like a Micro Fiber Wash Mitt, Micro Fiber Fast Finish Pad for a Buffer, and even Microfiber Applicator Pads. We believe that switching your old cloth detailing supplies over to micro fiber technology will give you better results and also will last longer as they can be washed many times more than standard cotton items before breaking down!

Hopefully this crash course on Microfiber detailing products helped you understand what will work best for you. Find our full line of Car Care Cleaning and Detailing Supplies HERE.

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