Which Spot Weld Cutter is the Best?

We Rank the Our Best Spot Weld Drill Bits

Drilling out spot welds on a car to do a repair or restoration can be a miserable job if you don’t have the proper tool for the job. We offer a number of options for cutting spot welds and they each have their unique benefit depending on the job you’re doing. Below we give a crash course on our different options to help you decide which spot weld cutter is best for you.

  1. Spot Weld Pro Cutter- This spot weld cutter is our most durable and even with some abuse will hold up well to many spot weld removals. The bit is made of a single piece of M2 tool steel so it can be resharpened and won’t chip easily like the ‘hole saw style” bits that are quite common. We’ve seen these cut over 300 spot welds before needing to be sharpened. To use this tool we suggest using a good center punch to put a divot in the center of the spot weld so the centering point on the cutter has a place to locate.
  2. Pneumatic Spot Weld Drill- The Eastwood spot weld drill takes some of the guess work out of drilling out spot welds. The drill has a adjustable cutting height guide so that you can cut only the top layer and not harm the bottom layer of metal. The one piece bit is replaceable and the drill has a The backing arm help supports the back of the panel and the bit has an auto advance that takes out some of the user error of drilling into a spot weld crooked and missing the edges of the spot weld. This tool is a bit more expensive than the standard spot weld cutter bits and is best for someone doing a lot of spot weld cutting and wants a dedicated tool for the job.
  3. Skip Proof Spot Weld Cutter- This is the first “hole saw” style spot weld bits. This bit cuts around the perimeter of the spot weld and features a traditional drill bit that is used to center the cutter in the spot weld. This keeps the bit from skipping and rolling across the face of the panel like some of the other cutters. We suggest using the pilot drill bits as a first step to be sure the centering bit has a hold to be guided through. These bits work best when lubricated well with cutting fluid and running at a slow to medium drill speed while pushing relatively hard into the panel.
  4. Double Ended Spot Weld Cutter- This spot weld cutter is a nice time saver as it only requires a small center punch into the spot weld and you can use the spring loaded centering point to locate the cutter. The cutter works much like a hole saw and cuts around the perimeter of the spot weld making it easy to remove a spot weld. If you wear out a cutter you can easily thread it off the end and flip it over to use the second set of cutting teeth. This style is extremely effective but doesn’t work as well in hard to reach locations or spots where you can’t get a straight shot at the spot weld. You must use cutting fluid and a slow speed with a bit of pressure on the bit to keep it from skipping. Once the bit begins to cut you won’t have as much of an issue with skipping but it does take some practice. You can get packs of replacement cutting heads HERE.

Hopefully this turtorial helps you with picking the best spot weld cutter for your next project. You can see our full line of spot weld cutting tools you can visit our site HERE.

Eastwood Pneumatic Spot Weld Cutter

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