Which power inverter is right for you?

As technology moves forward the Power Inverters has dropped significantly.  Once only found in very high end Class A mobile homes, and now available to all we have the selection that can cover your needs.  At Eastwood we bring you our line of Pure Sine Power Inverters.  The main purpose for a power inverter is to convert Direct Current (DC) power into Alternating Current (AC).   Direct current is the type of current used to power all the electronics in your car,truck, or motorcycle while Alternating Current is the type of power found when you plug appliances into your home outlets. Pure Sine, without getting to nitty gritty with details, is the cleanest form of power which protects your appliances.  There are many times when you wish to kick back and use an appliance normally only found at home while out on the road.  Blenders for specialty drinks come to mind along with a small portable refrigerator to keep said drink ingredients cold.  Problem is these items are typically only wired to run at home.  A power inverter will convert the DC power found in your vehicle’s charging system to AC allowing you to run these items.  All you will need to do is calculate the wattage draw of the appliances you wish to run to ensure you get the correct inverter.  We have inverters ranging from 300 watts for laptops and other small items up to 2000 Watts capable of running Microwaves, Mini Fridges and other electrically demanding items. Right in the middle is our 1000 watt unit.   Check out this chart to quickly pick out what inverter you would need.


Hooking up an inverter is a breeze also.  One end will have all the DC Connections along with the cooling fans while the other end has a USB port, up to three 120 volt AC outlets depending on the model you choose, and  the ground stud.


We also made a really nice video going over the details of why you need an inverter in your truck, trailer, or car.   Another great use outside of automotive is someone who wishes to live off grid.  Simply connect one of these to your 12 volt battery bank and you’re good to go.  All you would need then would be solar panels, a small wind mill, or possible hydro electric charging set up to always keep the battery bank topped off.  To watch our video check out this link.  We hope you learned some great information today to power your next purchase.


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