When and Where to Use Different Body Fillers

One of the most difficult things of any project is figuring out what products to use for each step or type of repair or auto body job. Eastwood has designed a family of
polyester filler products that will work with any substrate for whatever type of project you can dream up.
Short strand fiberglass filler is an excellent foundation for a lot of different repairs and is compatible with any substrate including fiberglass aluminum steel and SMC composites. It provides a waterproof foundation which will stop moisture from leaching in to your subsequent repairs. This filler is good for roughing in or filler areas that are damaged the worst or need the most filling.
Contour Premium Filler has rust inhibitors built into it it and has a very creamy texture which means better self-leveling and less pin holing. When sanding it powders beautifully and feathers out into a number of different substrates making it a very nice high quality filler. This is our most used filler and is our go to for most jobs whether you’re fixing accident damage or covering a patch panel repair in a restoration.
Contour Polyester Glazing Putty is perfect for filling pinholes, sand scratches, or minor imperfections in your projects. It has excellent self-leveling properties and is a great final step to all of your filler projects before primer and paint. One cool feature of Contour Polyester Glazing Putty is that it can be added to these other two fillers to increase the self-leveling characteristics of these fillers as well giving you even more options.
Hopefully this quick run down of our body fillers help you decide which one you need for your next project. Feel free to call our tech team with your auto body tech questions at: 1-800-343-9353.

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