Wheels in Motion Trip #2

This week we stopped over at both of Mike’s shops to get some feedback on our welder and prototype plasma cutter. They have been putting these through their paces the past few weeks. We can now take some of the feedback on the prototype plasma and have our factory tweak the design a little to make this unit perfect for a professional shop or home use! While there, I decided to snap some pictures of what he has going on. The first batch of pics are of the first shop where all of the mechanical projects occur. As soon as you walk towards the office you can see all of the old car memorabilia. Once in Mike’s office, you can find plenty to look at it if you find yourself waiting for him to get off the phone (Mike was running a one-man show this week at the mechanical shop, so things were a bit crazy!).

As I snooped around a little, I found this little gem in the corner that Mike has been working on. Pretty rare beast to say the least!

After that we went back over to the body shop that you saw in the last blog entry. Real Life Product Testing I was excited to see that they made huge progress on the 69 Camaro project! With help from our Plasma cutter and Mig135, they were able to graft in an entire new floor and tunnel, along with some other small pieces from their donor vehicle. All I can say is, there won’t be much original metal left on this car after they get all of the old rusty metal out!

This is car is in for some minor paint/body repair. Apparently the owner picked up some road debris on the highway and damaged the rear fender a little, Mike’s crew does small repairs like this and blends it into the paint for a seamless repair. This one is going to be pretty difficult to match with it being pearl white and without the original paint code used!

This is how Mike and his crew keep track of all of the long term projects they have going. They number the car and leave notes on this board in the office, can’t imagine trying to keep all of them straight without this!

Watch this space for updates on some of the other projects the next time we stop in to visit!


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3 thoughts on Wheels in Motion Trip #2

  • Thanks! I believe they were going to have it color matched and blend into the surrounding panels, Not sure when they were starting on that next. I’ll let you know when I talk to them next.


  • Hello I am Nick Yannessa from Wheels In Motion. Yes we were able to repair the vehicle and match the paint flawlessly!! Our painter started with a color he thought was close and tinted the paint until he was satisfied with what ended up being the perfect match. Thanks for the question Nick!

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