What Tools Can I use With a Pancake Air Compressor?

In the world of air compressors generally bigger is better and the larger the compressor the more air it will put out, store, and wider variety of tools it will run. With the influx of high quality battery powered cordless tools we’ve seen a lot more customers looking for a small air compressor just to do those few small things a cordless tool struggles with. Our Pancake Air Compressor is almost pocket sized compared to most larger compressors and holds 3 gallons of air and has a quick refill time. These compressors are great for tools that don’t have a high CFM requirement. Some of our top uses for a small home air compressor are below.

  1. Air Chuck / Tire Inflator- It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior doing your own home and auto maintenance or the lead tech at Gas Monkey Garage you need to be able to air up tires on your vehicles. A pancake air compressor will quickly air up most any tires. We like to pair our 3 gallon air compressor with the Eastwood Digital Air Inflator for accurate pressure management of all air inflated items (even your kids’ bicycles!).
  2. Powder Coating- A fun hobby for an automotive enthusiast or even a DIY Home Improvement fan is Powder Coating. This form of coating is actually electrostatically applied. The powder coating gun uses low pressure, low CFM air flow to force the air out of the hopper and mix it with a static charge. The great thing is that all you need is a very small compressor and a small oven to bake the powder and cure the parts. This process is extremely user friendly and can be used on anything that can be cured in the oven. We’ve been seeing more and more home hobbyists pairing their powder coating intro kits with pancake air compressors!
  3. Blow Gun- Cleaning up dust from a job can be difficult even with the best dust pan and brush. We’ve found that compressed air can clean your shop, clothing, or work bench off quickly and efficiently. We like to have a blow gun with a few nozzle attachments to clean dust out of hard to reach spots when detailing our car or when doing a deep clean in the shop. With how portable the pancake compressor is you can even take it inside the house or home office and clean dust out of electronic items without rearranging the home!

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