What to Do when Brake Pedal Goes to The Floor

A Soft Brake Pedal Could Mean Brake Trouble

We take for granted how important our brakes are on our car. We go VERY fast in modern cars and expect them to stop VERY quick. This means that you need to pay great attention to your brake pedal and brakes on your car to assure there’s no issues or you could be in danger. Below are some symptoms and reasons your brakes could need attention.

  1. Brake Pedal Goes to Floor- If your brake pedal suddenly seems to drop further than it used to towards the floor or seems spongy you may have a leak or low brake fluid caused by a leak. Start by checking the ground for brake fluid leaks and then the fluid level. You can usually top off a the fluid and drive it home to repair if it is a small leak, but we suggest looking over the brake system very well before doing that.
  2. Brake Pedal Is Hard to Push- Most modern cars have power or vacuum assisted brakes that make the brake pedal easier to press in. When the power brake system goes bad it may make your car seem harder to stop and you may have a stiff brake pedal. If your brake fluid level is correct and there are no leaks you can carefully drive it to be repaired; just be prepared to put more muscle into pressing the brake pedal and leave extra room to stop in time.
  3. Squeaking Squealing when Pressing Brake Pedal- If your brakes squeak or squeal when you press the pedal you have a problem. If you hear a grinding sound you have a REALLY big need for a service. Most brake pads have a built in brake pad thickness gauge that starts squeaking when the pad life is nearing the end. A light squeak is ok and just means you need to change your pads. If the squeak turns to a squealing or a grinding that you can feel in the brake pedal you definitely need to have it checked out immediately. This usually means a brake pad is worn completely out or a brake caliper is sticking on and causing pad damage. If you hear this sound suddenly we advise stopping and checking the wheels of the car. Carefully feel them with your hand and if the center of one wheel is MUCH hotter than the rest (or worse yet is smoking) you may need to have your car towed as you have a major caliper or brake pad issue.

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