What Makes Us Tick- Scott C.

A Finely Tuned Machine- Eastwood Employees Make Us Tick

We want to share the great Eastwood staff with you, our customers! We have asked them to fill out the first five questions, and then pick 5 random questions from a “Wildcard” section of questions. We allowed them to answer these however they’d like. You’d be surprised at what some of us have to say!

1. Name and Title at Eastwood?

                Scott Church and I am a Customer Experience Specialist/ Assistant Category Manager

2. What the heck do you do all day?

                My daily responsibilities range from building our marketing emails, shooting videos on how our products work, to making sure the current products have the best possible info.  All to ensure our customers get the best possible content.

3. Did you come from an automotive background before Eastwood? What did you do before Eastwood?

                Before Eastwood I was in the automotive collision industry as a body tech.   I lived fixing wrecked cars day in and out prior to Eastwood. 

4. When not talking cars, tools, and restorations all day, what are a few of your hobbies?

When not working on cars some of my favorite hobbies are mountain biking, road biking, running, Hiking and practically anything that is remote control with RC helicopters being my favorite.

5. What’s your favorite Eastwood product? Why?

I have to go with the simple yet incredibly versatile puck light.  It fits just about anywhere and is very bright.  It bailed me out on a late night camshaft sensor replacement.

6. What was your first car?

                I started out in a 1991 Camaro Rs.  It was only the 3.1 V6 but at least it was 5 speed.

7. Other than bills, what do you find yourself spending your money on?

                Any kind of techy gadget.  From GPS watches the next sensor to pull in more data post workout.

8. What’s the worst car you ever seen or driven? Why?

                Earlier in life I was able to drive a Yugo.  Pretty sure this one is self explanatory as to why it’s the worst. 

9. What’s an interesting factoid about you that we wouldn’t know at first glance?

                I’m slowly working to hike the Appalachian trail as I have time.  I’m currently a 3rd of the way done Pennsylvania.  I’m just starting out.

10. 3 things you can’t live without and why?

Oxygen, water, and food.

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