What Makes Us Tick-Ryan P. Eastwood Product Manager

A finely tuned machine- Eastwood Employees makes us tick

We want to share the great Eastwood staff with you, our customers! We have asked them to fill out the first five questions, and then pick 5 random questions from a “Wildcard” section of questions. We allowed them to answer these however they’d like. You’d be surprised at what some of us have to say!


1. Name and Title at Eastwood?

Ryan Poshefko – Product Manager

2. What the heck do you do all day?

Working on adding new products is one of the most important things that I do every day but there are a number of other things that I get involved in ranging from inventory management to quality control.

3. Did you come from an automotive background before Eastwood? What did you do before Eastwood?

Yes, my grandfather owned his own shop and was the lead technician for a race team at the old Reading Fairgrounds. My father was also a technician for many years and gave me my education in automotive repair industry. I started my career as a technician when I was 13 by changing oil and doing other small jobs at local friend of the family’s garage. I eventually was performing any job that came through the door.


4. When not talking cars, tools, and restorations all day, what are a few of your hobbies?

Archery, Pistol and Rifle Target Shooting, Fishing, Homebrewing beer, Household repairs/maintenance/upgrades, Cooking…Yes, I said cooking.

5. What’s your favorite Eastwood product? Why?

The 30989 Professional Underhood Light is my favorite and most used item. It is so versatile and I use it when working on cars or doing any number of other household chores.

6. What’s your favorite thing about working for Eastwood?

Where else can you work that everything can come to a halt for 10 minutes because a customer in the retail store pulled up with a sweet Hot Rod that you just have to see?

7. What was your first car?

1979 Volkswagen Diesel Rabbit. Ohh, it was so fast!!! Lol!!!!

8.Other than bills, what do you find yourself spending your money on?

My wife and I have a 10 month old little girl and 4 dogs (Doberman, Rottweiler, Pit Bull and Dachshund) so I buy a lot of baby formula, baby food and dog food.



9.Do you have any projects going right now? What are you building, restoring, or a job you are tackling next?

I am currently working on a 1979 Ford F-150 XLT Ranger with a 351. Fixing some engine issues and getting it to pass state inspection are the 2 main goals right now.

10.Domestic, Japanese Import, or European?

Growing up, I was all about European cars (VW) because they were cheap cars that a young kid could afford to work on. I not only had the 79 Rabbit but I also had an 86 golf, a 91 Jetta and finally a 2003 20th Anniversary GTI. I have re-ignited my love for older Domestic vehicles in the past 10 or so years but even more since I came to Eastwood.

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