What is Urethane Primer Good For?

We often get asked where and when to use each of our primers. This can be a loaded question that even our tech team can struggle to answer fully as the answer varies on what you’re working on and what the project calls for. We decided to put together a short list of uses and reasons why Urethane Primer is a good coating to add to your paint process.

  1. Medium Build Quality- Urethane Primer does have some build quality to it but doesn’t fill or build as much as an epoxy or polyester primer. It will fill very minor imperfections in the surface. We suggest getting your bodywork 99% blocked and straight by the time you’re applying urethane primer. Urethane primer can be blocked out much like other primers but generally you’re just sealing all the other layers up before applying color and clear.
  2. Plays Well With Others- The nice thing about Urethane Primer is that it will work with most other coatings that you put it over. You can apply it directly over bare metal, body fillers, Epoxy, Polyester, and Self-Etching primer as well as pre-existing paints. We like using Urethane Primer as a sealer to seal up the surface before applying paint as it won’t cause issues with any coatings you put on top of it as well.
  3. Can Be Reduced- If you want to use Urethane Primer as a sealer before paint you can reduce our Urethane Primer with our Urethane reducer and the fill qualities will go down but the primer will become more of a true sealer that is just separating the body work stages and the paint and clear stages. We suggest testing your reduction mixture on a test panel before spraying to get it to your desired viscosity.

No matter what we always suggest using Urethane Primer before your top coat for the ultimate in durability. You can find all of our Primers HERE.

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