What is the Most Popular Color Auto Paint?

Which Color Paint Is Best for a Car?

We often hear that your car is reflection of the owner so you’d think with all of the colorful and unique personalities out there in the world that funky colors would rank up there for the most popular colors of cars on the road. We sell a LOT of paint for everything from Antique Cars to Vintage Trucks to Modern Sports Car and we’ve found that the colors we sell most aren’t those bright colorful colors you’d expect. Read below for our top auto paint colors according to you the customer!

  1. Black- Black is classy, black (when done right) can look a mile deep and just ooze style on almost ANY car. Believe it or not we offer a number of different types of black paint. We sell more black paint than anything else and we think it is a no brainer if you’re building a car you may want to sell in the future as most everyone likes a black car and it fits any brand or style car or truck.
  2. Gray Paint- Gray is as middle-of-the-road as it gets and by changing the hue you can change the look of the car. Gray paint is also fairly easy to apply and will hide defects much better than black or a metallic paint. Many new cars are gray but it can also work well on classic cars as well if done right.
  3. Silver Paint- Silver is a fancy version of gray at the end of the day but it is one of our most popular auto paint colors. The amount of metallic added to the silver color will drastically change the look and really make a silver car pop out in the sun versus a gray paint. Silver paint is more difficult to apply for a beginner as the metallic in the paint can lay out uneven and change the hue of the silver in certain light just from inconsistencies when spraying (travel speed, distance from panel when spraying, etc.). When done though there’s no denying nicely done silver paint job makes most any car look “faster”.
  4. White- This probably comes as no surprise to most but white is also one of our most popular car paints. White is easy to apply, looks great on most any car and is easy to keep clean. White can be jazzed up by adding a pearl additive to it or even a metal flake for additional effects out in the sunlight. White also varies greatly in hue so make sure you check the chip charts or do a spray out before applying it to your project vehicle.

Your color didn’t make the top of the list? No worries we offer a wide variety of paint colors from mild to wild and even offer custom additives to truly customize your paint to stand out from the rest. Check out our entire auto paint colors HERE.

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