What is the Difference Between PDR and Body Work?

What is PDR?

PDR or Painless Dent Removal is a process in which dents and imperfections in a body panel are reversed or removed with specialty tools that don’t harm the paint. Generally most minor dents that don’t have paint damage or cracking can be reversed with the proper techniques, tools, and skills. A basic PDR Kit normally includes supplies to glue pullers to the paint and reverse body damage. These kits will fix most common dents in panels and are relatively easy to use. You can find our full line of PDR tools and supplies HERE.

What is Auto Body Work?

Technically auto body work is any time you’re fixing or repair damage in body panels on a vehicle. Commonly body work is referred to when body damage is so severe that the surface can’t be repaired and retaining the original paint. Body work can be as simple as touching up scratches or cracks in paint to full on cutting, welding, and repainting the panel. Most auto body work requires body filler and isn’t as simple as basic PDR. Auto Body Work can be learned at home and anyone with mechanical ability and a willingness to learn can tackle basic auto body jobs at home. You can find our full line of auto body supplies HERE.

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