What is RockRez Floor Coatings?

Is Coating a Concrete Floor Worth It?

We’ve all seen the automotive TV shows on Saturday mornings where the shop has a cool fleck concrete floor that looks perfect ALL the time but we’ve also heard the horror stories of peeling floor coatings! So we get asked “What is RockRez?” and “What makes RockRez SO Good?”. It has been a fast growing floor coating for home garages and full blown 20-bay dealerships and pro shops alike! Read our thoughts below.

RockRez Concrete Bonding Technology

Conrete bonding technology may seem like a buzz term or some weird marketing ploy; but it’s an actual thing and the RockRez team have worked hard to make this coating as durable as possible! RockRez coating actually can help strengthen the surface of the concrete and help to seal older concrete that could have minor cracks. This strength is formed by using Epoxy that is made up of 100% solids. This means that when it dries it will be extremely hard and can give extra protection to your concrete floor. The kit is as simple as it gets by just mixing your hardener or catalyst into it and mixing in a bucket with a wand you’re ready to roll or spray the coating on. It helps even beginners do a professional job with its leveling abilities.

Slip Protection Adds Safety

The All-in-one kits come standard with slip protection additives that can be added to your RockRez mixture to add wet-traction. These small granular slip additives still leave the surface relatively smooth but will help from a wet-floor slip and fall situation after working on a wet car. We highly suggest these additives for pro shops where you may bring vehicles in from the rain or snow to work on them and while they’re on the lift they may drip dry and leave puddles on the floor. This can be extremely dangerous without the additives!

So when you’re ready to make your floor stronger, cleaner, and safer look to Eastwood and RockRez Floor Coatings for the best solution for Professional and Home Hobbyist shops! Find all of our floor coatings on our site HERE.

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