What is Polyester Primer Used For?

Polyester Primer or “Poly Primer” as it is often called has become more popular in the restoration and custom painting world. Because of this the DIY painter should be considering it when doing a restoration or custom paint job. But is it really a necessity or how can it help the average weekend-warrior? We cover some of our top reasons below why Poly-Primer is a godsend for hobbyists.

  1. High Build- Polyester Primer is about the highest building primer we offer and is often called “spray on body filler“. It has incredible filling properties and is good to fill minor pitting in metal or fill small low spots imperfections body work or metal. While you can’t lay this primer on as thick in a single pass as true body filler you can build up the surface in a more uniform way by spray and blocking poly primer.
  2. High Solids- Because of the high solids content in the make up of poly primer there is very little shrink back on panels sprayed with it. This means you can spray and block it and prime or paint over top without the primer shrinking and causing imperfections in the surface of the paint or clear when done.
  3. Laser Straight Finish- By spraying a final coat of Poly Primer over you last round of body filler you can give a single consistent coat that you can block sand to get perfect panel. This last step can be the most important between an average paint job and an amazing show winning paint job. Some pro shops will block sand and apply poly primer multiple times and block the vehicle before sealing it up with a sealer or urethane primer.

So there is a quick rundown on why you would need Polyester Primer for your next paint job. We suggest using Eastwood auto body supplies from bare metal to clear coat for the best results. To see our entire line of auto body supplies visit our site HERE.

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