What is Metal Body Filler?

In the auto body world there are countless options of body filler options and they all have their place or pros and cons. We often get asked about metal body fillers or reinforced fillers and what they are. These fillers are incredibly strong but do have their place in the body shop. Read below as we weigh the pros and cons.

  1. Not Entirely Made of Metal- A metal filler is usually a body filler that has metal particles, dust, or fragments in it to help give strength on repairs that need additional support or durability. The secret sauce for each manufacturer is what metal and how they infuse it in the mixture. Eastwood Aluminum Reinforced Body Filler uses aluminum particles in the formula to help strengthen the filler when hard and is great for leaded seams and also high stress areas.
  2. Not Just for Autobody Work- Metal Body Filler is a great alternative to other repairs other than auto body use. If you are building a vehicle where you want to smooth suspension, chassis, or engine parts and smooth out a rough factory casting or pitted metal this is good for durability and won’t shrink back and require additional coats like some standard bod fillers.
  3. Harder to Sand- This body filler is extremely strong when cured and because of that we suggest using it in small areas and not over an entire panel. It can be harder to sand than other body fillers much like the difference between sanding aluminum and stainless steel.

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