What is a Turbine Paint Gun System?

How Does a Turbine Paint Gun Work?

A turbine paint gun system allows you to paint without a stand-alone air compressor. A turbine paint gun system is also quite smaller and more mobile than a traditional compressor powered HVLP paint gun. How does it work? Much more simple than you think! A turbine compressor system takes the technology from a vacuum cleaner (you read that right!) and uses a similar motor in conjunction with a turbine to create the pressure needed to spray primer, paint, and clear coat on your car. Now this doesn’t mean you can scavenge the family vacuum cleaner to paint your classic car! The turbine and motor used in an Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun is a highly efficient combination meant to output a constant 9.5PSI when spraying.

What Does the Turbine Do?

The turbine in the paint gun system basically draws air from the outside in and compresses it to output the constant 9.5-10PSI needed to spray coatings out of the gun. Most turbine HVLP paint gun systems run at around 9.5 PSI and will require thinning of higher viscosity materials like high build primers, sprayable fillers, etc.

Can I Use a Turbine HVLP Paint Gun at Home?

Turbine Paint Gun systems are actually ideal for home hobbyists and small shop use as they create less over spray, use less material per paint job, and take up very little space. The best part is that you don’t need to buy an expensive air compressor and paint gun to paint. The Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System includes everything you need to spray with it right out of the box including the paint gun, turbine compressor, and regulators/dryers that are built in internally. Since the turbine is so small you can stow it under a work bench or in a closest easily when not in use.

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