What is a Torque Arm Used for?

When building a street rod, pro-touring, drag car, or any other modified car you’re introducing more power and torque into the suspension, chassis and body than it had originally and you may need to add bracing or other suspension add-ons to avoid damage to your drivetrain or chassis. Read below why you might need a Torque Arm for your Rear Wheel Drive Vehicle.

1. Adds Traction- By reducing torsional flex or unwanted axle hop you will get better traction by adding a torque arm to your suspension.

2. Controls Axle Twist- When you have sudden acceleration or deceleration (during hard braking) your axle will generally twist the axle and the leaf springs. This can cause damage to your suspension and failure of bushings as they take the brunt of the abuse.

3. Good Addition With Subframe Connectors- A set of subframe connectors paired with a properly sized set of torque arms to match your cars power and torque ratings will result in better handling, traction, and stability on your vehicle.

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