What is A Press Brake and Do I Need One?

If you’re into the fabrication hobby or do a lot of metal work you can quickly go broke buying fabrication tools for your home or hobby shop. Do you need them all? Well maybe, but some of them have better use in some shops than others. One we often get asked about is the Eastwood Press Brake Attachment.

So what is a press brake? A press brake is a tool that uses a v shaped base to cradle a piece of metal and a matching punch to form the metal into the base. The punches and bases on some presses can be changed to accommodate different radii bends or different thickness metals.

Some large professional press brakes are a single unit and can take up a lot of space. We’ve found that most fabrication jobs you’re bending small things that a sheet metal brake can’t bend like tabs, brackets, and similar out of thicker materials. This is why we decided to make a 12″ wide press brake that can be slide under a standard hydraulic press to bend metal. This is great for a small shop where space is at a premium and a dedicated press brake isn’t an option. You can see all of our Hydraulic Presses and Attachments HERE.

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