What is a Pickle Fork?

Let’s start this by saying this isn’t a debate on whether dill pickles are the best or not. We’re talking the mechanical tool nicknamed a pickle fork! It is used commonly for taking apart suspension and steering parts but will help with any tapered fastener. So why do you need a pickle fork? Learn more below!

A Pickle Fork Kit is like having 6 tools in 1. Use pickle forks to separate ball joints, steering dampeners, tie rods, pitman arms and in other applications. These kits come with 3 forks and 2 handles work like 6 tools in 1. Each fork is threaded to interchange with either handle. The first handle is for using your traditional dead blow or mechanics hammer and the other is for use with a traditional air hammer that uses a .401 shank fitting.

Simply find a pickle fork that fits in/around the joint you’re trying to separate and slip the thin edge in by end. Then swiftly hammer on the backside driving the wedge shaped fork into the joint. As you hammer it slowly forces the fork out and it will eventually release and fall apart after a few swings of the hammer or pushes of the trigger on your air hammer. Regardless of the vehicle you own you’ll find a use when building, repairing, or maintaining your favorite set of wheels.

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