What is a PDR Line Board Used For?

Paintless Dent Repair Line Board Improves Work

The PDR market is vast with shops doing paintless dent repair service as well as the countless amount of tools on the market. Some of these tools and gadgets are gimmicks and it can be hard to know if every PDR accessory on the market is actually useful. One of our favorite additions to the Eastwood Paintless Dent Repair Kit is the PDR Line Board.

What does a Paintless Dent Repair Line Board do? Well it is meant to be more of an aid in finishing out panels to a higher quality. See the Eastwood Dent Repair Kit makes it almost “too easy” to pull dents out of a panel but it’s the final finish work that makes a PDR repair stand out from the others. The PDR Line Board takes the guess work out of checking the straightness with the naked eye. It is fixtured to the side of a panel you’re working on with a suction cup and the goose neck base. This allows you to adjust the panel to get the best reflection off of the panel you’re working on. By aiming the reflection of the line board into the panel you can see if the lines appear “broken” or wavy and that will tell you where there are still imperfections in a panel. This line board can be used just to spot check a repair or can be the aid in making a panel 100% perfect again. The end finish is truly up to your patience, time, and skill level but without the line board you’re left to guessing with you eyes and no guide.

If you want to tackle repairing your own dents without doing paintwork you can see all of our Dent Repair products HERE.

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