What is A Multi-Process Welder?

Multi- Process Welders are The Wave of the Future

The technology in the welding field is growing and changing quickly much like the home electronics world and things like inverter or Multi-Process welders are a buzz word you might not be familiar with. Below is a crash course on what a Multi-Process welder is and how it can help a hobbyist.

Multi-Process welders have caused a bit of a buzz in the welding world over the past few years and it sounds almost too good to be true. A welder that can perform multiple types of welding or weld and cut? Is this snake oil or is are these welders actually useful to a home hobbyist and professional alike?

When you break it all down it’s fairly simple. The process for different types of welding can be broken into electrode negative or electrode positive type of welding. Simply by witching the way that the path of electricity runs and the welding lead can swap you from MIG welding to TIG welding to ARC/Stick welding. The process for TIG and Stick are similar but with ARC welding your electrode is also consumable. Generally most multi-process units are either mainly a TIG or a MIG first and do one of the other functions secondary.

One thing to consider when shopping for a multi-process welder is what your main process is that you want to do with it. Will you mainly be MIG welding? You may want to make sure the machine performs all of the functions you want in the main function first. If you want to TIG weld mainly, but occasionally might do some heavy welding with a stick welder you will want the machine to be strong in the TIG features. Some Multi-Process machines may leave out some features on the secondary functions that you might want to make sure you’re aware of.

Eastwood Multi Function welders make it easy to switch between the functions by swapping leads and a push of a button or flipping a switch. This allows you to perform a broader range of jobs without investing in numerous machines. You can see our full line of Multi-Process Welders HERE.

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