What is a Multi-Process Welder?

Are Multi-Process Welders Better?

In the past 5-10 years the advances in welders for DIY Enthusiasts and Hobbyists has been extraordinary. Now the “average guy” can afford a quality welder or start using a welding technique that was once too expensive to afford the welder. One of the movements in modern DIY welders has been the introduction of Multi-Process Welders. These welders allow you to perform multiple welding functions all with one machine. Multi-Process Welders are mostly all Inverter powered welders giving them a smaller size and lighter weight. This means you can carry your welder to the job and work remotely where a transformer welder would be much heavier and cumbersome. The most common multi-process welders are mainly MIG welders by nature and you can swap the leads to make the welder ARC or TIG weld in minutes. Eastwood Multi-Process welders give you professional results by allowing you to MIG, Flux Core, TIG, and ARC weld all in one package. You will need to change the welding leads to match the welding technique being performed but not major changes to the machine are needed. If you need to weld aluminum you can also add a Spool Gun to the MIG welding side of the machine.

Because Multi-Process welders are powered by an inverter they work under a wider range of input power and can even handle the fluctuations of power seen when using a generator. This means you can weld remotely even without an outlet nearby. If you’re worried about shielding gas or the atmosphere you’re welding in is too windy where shielding gas won’t work you can weld without gas with your Multi-Process welder with flux core wire welding or ARC welding.

Multi-Process welders are the wave of the future are by far the most bang for the buck for a professional or home hobbyist. You can see all of the Eastwood Multi-Process Welders HERE.

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