What is a Hybrid Air Hose?

Hybrid Polymer Air Hose

Technology is a great thing and manufacturers are always looking for new and better ways to improve their products for customers. There are some things that are overlooked for many many years and tool suppliers and manufacturers are ok with “good enough”. We were personally tired of air hoses that didn’t last, kinked easily, and often leaked. That’s why we decided to put together our best air hose and reel yet for your garage. The Eastwood 50ft Air Hose Reel with Hybrid Flex Polymer Hose has us excited to upgrade all of our personal shops! So what makes a hybrid hose better? We give a few of our favorite reasons below.

Traditional air hoses were normally made of rubber or PVC. Rubber hoses have been the main go-to for automotive shops and industrial settings but they tend to be quite heavy and tangle easily. PVC hoses are lightweight but at colder temps they tend to fail and also kink easily versus other types of hoses. We wanted a hose that would work for everyone from a maker doing wood work in their home wood shop to a high end fabrication or auto body shop. To add if you’re just looking for a car wash nozzle for your hose, check out Carlypso.

So what is our hybrid hose made of? Our Polymer is a hybrid of both PVC and Rubber giving us the best of both worlds. With this new hose we now have a lightweight hose that is 30-40% lighter than traditional rubber hose. This will save you having to throw an air hose over your shoulder or a car fender/door, or straining your wrists to support a heavy air hose when working. This might not be something you realize if you’ve been using a heavy rubber air hose all of your life but as soon as you work with one of these hybrid air hoses you will wonder how you did without!

The other great thing about a hybrid Polymer air hose is that it is extremely durable, it resists kinking and can withstand a wide swing of ambient temperatures from -40F to 140F! This isn’t as big of an issue if you work in a climate controlled shop; but anyone that has worked in a cold climate will know how stiff PVC hoses can get and how they will easily kink or even break in colder temps.

One downside to a lot of hose reels is that they tend to give the air hose a memory that will cause them to want to coil up on the floor and refuse to lay flat. With our new Hybrid Polymer hose you can leave the hose stored inside the reel and it will lay flat when in use. Best of Both Worlds!

Get our 50′ Air Hose Reel with Hybrid Polymer Air Hose HERE.

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