What Causes Paint to Peel?

Why Is my Paint Peeling?

Paint jobs and paint supplies can be expensive and it’s no surprised you’d want to make it last as long as possible. In order to make your paint last longer you need to understand how or why paint peels and fails over time. We decided to put together our top 3 reasons why auto paint tends to peel.

  1. Poor Quality Products- Poor quality paints and clear coats can tend to fail in short time. These coatings usually fail quickly from prolonged UV exposure and will start to peel over time. Clear coat is the most common to fail first and if your car has ever been resprayed at a budget auto paint shop you can bet they used a low quality paint or clear that isn’t mean to stand the test of UV rays and changes in weather. Our High Solids Show Clear Coat is our best clear for shine and also durability. The high solids content gives it the ultimate durability and can be wet sanded and buffed to a mirror finish.
  2. Contaminants under the Paint– Painting a vehicle is a delicate process and everything needs to be kept as clean as possible from bare metal to clear coat. If your panel has a silicone based coating on it or has grease or residue on it this could react with the paint or clear coat and cause it to lift or peel the paint. Pre-Existing rust on bare metal not properly sealed can also spread and lift paint as well. If this is the reason for your paint peeling there isn’t anything you can do but strip the paint back down to primer or bare metal and start over. Sorry!
  3. Exterior Damage- Accidents can happen and even small damage like a rock chip can grow and lift or peel the paint. If you have a crack, chip, or damage to your paint it is a good practice to seal it up with some touch up paint or clear to keep the damage from spreading or lifting further. The sooner you seal the damage up before dirt, grease, or anything else gets under the paint that is chipped or cracked.

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