You can Never have enough Welding Clamps

Welders and fabricators can never have enough tools to help them hold a part in place while they welder or mock up a part. Aside from the normal locking pliers we decided to show some of the unique clamping solutions we’ve found over the years that we reach for first. Read below for our top 5.

1. Panel Holding Clamps Clecos– Clecos were originally an aircraft tool but they have hit the automotive sheet metal fabrication market hard in the recent years. These clamp two panels together with a small hole and specialty pliers. They have incredible clamping force and can hold entire panels onto a car as well as keeping a panel in the same position as you test fit. You NEVER can have too many spare clecos in your box, we pick up a spare bag every time we can.

2.Mini Pinch Weld Clamps- These miniature pinch weld clamps have AMAZING clamping power and they can firmly clamp the edge of panels together. We use these to pull panels together we’re spot welding as well as for mock-up. The other nice thing is that these clamps very little to no marking in the metal or require no drilling, which means less finish work!

3. Corner Vise– When fabrication heavier materials like a chassis, suspension, bracing, or even building a work bench you’ll have a need to hold larger tubing at a 90° miter and T joints. It can be difficult to hold these joints tightly with a traditional locking pliers or with a C-clamp. By using the corner vise you can securely lock you parts in place leaving the seam exposed so you can tack weld it together and remove the vise.

4. Spot Weld Locking Pliers– If you want PERFECT spot welds with your MIG welder than using our MIG Spot weld kit with the special locking pliers is a must. These pliers tightly clamp the panels together allowing you to set your MIG welder over the area you want to weld. We have found that using the thread on MIG nozzle included with the pliers allow you go get a nice stand-off from the panel allowing repeatability of your welds.

5. Magnetic Minature Welding Clamps– This small fixture allows you securely clamp small parts in place to weld them together. The magnetic base allows you to stick it to the table and fixture your work piece in place. This is one of our favorites for hold small stainless trim parts we want to modify or repair!

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