Parking Lot Gems- A Weathered Mach 1 Mustang

Ford Mustang

When I was out to lunch today, this is one of those cars, that even from 100 yards across the parking lot, caught my eye instantly. You see, you just don’t see automotive shapes like this anymore. I eventually followed and found it sitting outside of the local supermarket. Believe it or not this looks to be a real ’69 Mach 1 Mustang. Somewhere underneath the bondo, duct tape, etc there is a legendary Ford Muscle car. I was on a tight schedule and couldn’t wait to chat cars with the owner.. but I can only hope they have plans to restore this car to it’s former glory (it would be convenient having the entire Eastwood inventory minutes from where he grocery shops!).


  1. Seeing the vanity plate on the back tells me that the owner loves the car, hopes to restore it, but is probably short on cash, time and skill for DIY – so they have to use it as their daily driver…looks like a lot of work, but do able. Maybe they’re hoping they’ll get picked for an Overhauled TV show… Sure be nice to see this on fixed up…

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