Do you have a Volvo getting on in years, or in miles?

When you restore a classic or collector car, chances are very good it has a few miles on it, let alone quite a few years! Well, one car company, Volvo, would like to recognize you for your ability to keep one of their cars in running shape for so long. (It’s always nice to get a little recognition from the original builder of the car!)

The Volvo Heritage Club was launched in November 2012 to recognize and celebrate long-term or high-mileage Volvo owners.

Do you belong in this exclusive club? Membership is for anyone who meets one of these eligibility requirements:

  • An owner who has had one or more Volvos for at least 10 consecutive years
  • An owner whose Volvo has more than 100,000 original miles
  • An owner who was a member of the former Volvo High-Mileage Club

“We decided to launch the Volvo Heritage Club with one distinct difference from our previous High-Mileage Club,” said VCNA President and CEO John Maloney. “This club acknowledges our passionate owners who may have had many different Volvos over time but never had a particular car with high mileage. When you combine both long-standing loyalty and high-mileage achievements, well, that’s a club that truly represents the heritage of a car brand.”

Once accepted into the new Volvo Heritage Club, members will get a commemorative Volvo Heritage Club medallion to display on their Volvo. They’ll also get previews of new product offerings, access to exclusive promotions and offers, and special invitations to Volvo events and more.

Volvo Heritage Club medallions will be issued for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of consecutive ownership, as well as these mileage milestones: 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k, 500k, 750k and 1,000,000 miles.

Think you meet the membership requirements for the Volvo Heritage Club? Sign up here.

And if you’d like to watch a PBS video about a 1966 VolvoP1800 still going strong after 2.7 millon miles, click here and enjoy.

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