Vintage Racing Wheel Paint- Perfect Match for your restored Alloys!

We have many paints in our product line that are nearly “exact matches” for all sorts of classic cars. From our numerous Underhood Paints to our Muscle Color Top Coats, and our selection of Wheel Paints, we have most of the paints you need to perfectly replicate OE finishes on your project.

One paint we recently introduced is our Vintage Racing Wheel Paints. These days the wheels you choose and the restoration of the wheels ON your car can make or break the overall appearance of your ride. One of the iconic wheel brands for OE and aftermarket wheels on vehicles through the years is BBS. Their wheel designs can be found on everything from high end sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin to more mortal cars like BMW, VW, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, and even domestics like Ford Mustangs, Chevy Corvettes, etc. Either way, BBS has for the most part, used their own formula of lacquer over the years to get that “Motorsport Gold” that is a staple in the alloy wheel market. Most companies adopted a similar gold when painting their wheels. Large race wheel manufacturers like Compomotive, Revolution, Ronal, American Racing, Gotti, etc. are perfect examples. We wanted to replicate the “OG” color that started this trend, and offer an affordable , DIY option in North America for enthusiasts. We first went through the trouble to import “BBS” gold lacquer directly from the BBS Motorsport Headquarters in Germany. This does not come cheap, at over $50 for a pint of paint, and a 3-4 week wait from Deustchland, it is not for the faint at heart! From there we worked with our engineers and chemists to create a replica that is nearly identical in the hue and matches the fine metallic metal flake as found in the official BBS Motorsport paint. Finally we used some of our own tricks found in our underhood paints to make our Vintage Wheel Paint spray out nicely, and lay extremely smooth, at a much cheaper price than importing paint to spray on your wheels (that you probably want to put on the car NOW, not in a month!).

Below and above are pictures I snapped recently to show just how perfectly our formula (out of an aerosol can!) matches the O.E. BBS Motorsport Lacquer. On the left you will see the spray out of the Gold BBS lacquer, and on the right the Eastwood Vintage Racing Wheel Paint(the top half is without clear, the bottom with our Diamond Clear). Now keep in mind this is how your wheels should look from NEW, not how they may have looked before you painted them! Like original paint on a car, the gold or silver paint on your wheels may fade or change hue after years of use. The main cause is brake dust and exposure to the harsh elements.

If you have a suggestion for an OE replica paint for your vehicle, leave us a comment, message or email, we love to hear your feedback and ideas!


  1. Is the factory bbs wheel paint ready to spray out of the can or does it need to be reduced with laquer thinner?? We restore Vintage BBS motorsport wheels, and want the correct durable paint. How does your Eastwood paint stand up? Laquer tends to chip very easily.

  2. Rod- This paint comes ready-to-spray right out of the aerosol can. This paint is made to the same high quality as our other aerosol coatings. It should hold up great to normal usage. I’d suggest adding a clear coat for extra protection and ease in cleaning. Hope that helps!

  3. Hello,

    I have a question, not about the paint but about the wheel you used in the picture. I have a set of 3 wheels laying around here, and I just cant seem to find the name of the wheel. Do you happen to know the name of the wheels? It might help me in the search of 1 other wheel with the same inlay 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Thom,

    The wheels used in the pics is a Compmotive brand wheel and the model “CX”. They were available in many sizes and with a few different mounting options. Hope that helps! -Matt/EW

  5. Where can I purchase this paint? I see this big and very descriptive article but no link to the products purchase page, or am I just missing something?

  6. I painted a set of wheels with this and one was damaged and now needs to be repainted but I see it’s discontinued. Is there anyway we can special order?

  7. The product is currently discontinued! I’ll pass your info along and see if we are getting it back in again!

  8. Very disappointed this isn’t being produced anymore. Used it on my old RS’s and loved it! Came back wanting to use it on my new BBS motorsports and find it’s no longer available.. 🙁

  9. Hi Scott,

    We’ll definitely pass this on. Feel free to have other friends interested comment as well and we may be able to bring it back with enough interest.


  10. I would have liked to purchase this paint also if it was available. The only other closest alternative right now is GrimmSpeed Gold. They are currently sold out on their website, but there are several other resellers who sell it for them and who still have some in stock. I just bought 3 gold and 3 gloss clear from a vendor on Ebay for just under $110 shipped to my door.

  11. Like Scott, I have used this paint to refinish quite a few sets of wheels. I really with you would bring back both the gold and the silver paints! Please, bring it back!

  12. I really wish this paint would come back. I have used it and its great. I really need more to finish a job.

  13. I thought I caught break and found a decent repli-paint. Bring it back

    Do you have a close match with any of your powdercoatings?

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