Saving A Veterans Classic Car- Pottstown Classics Restore A Local Hero’s Galaxie

It’s no secret that Pennsylvania, especially the eastern portion where we reside, is a hotbed for classic cars and the automotive culture. Over the past 1.5-2 years the Pottstown Car Club (with help from local businesses), have restored a 1967 Ford Galaxie for veteran infantryman Brad Herron. For this build the entire automotive community in the area pulled together to get Brad cruising in his Galaxie.

The story began when Brad’s wife Dina came to the Pottstown Classics to ask for their help in finishing Brad’s stalled ’67 Ford Galaxie project. Since serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Brad was having severe post-traumatic stress disorder, making it difficult to bring the car to where he envisioned it. The club graciously agreed, and after an “Overhaulin'”-esque pickup of the car… they took it into their hands and began putting their experienced touches into the car. We at Eastwood were lucky enough to see the car taking shape as they showcased the car and progress display at the Eastwood Summer Classic Shows and other local shows. During the build we were able to donate a number of products including Thermocoustic Sound Deadener, Underhood Black, and Rust Encapsulator, etc, to help move the project along.

Image courtesy of Hemmings

Fast forward to this past August 4th, and the Pottstown Classics delivered the car back to Brad at their monthly classic car cruise-in on High Street in Pottstown. Brad was overwhelmed with the condition of the car and the help from the community. We at Eastwood are proud to say that some of our products were donated and used on this great build. We want to thank Brad for serving for this country, and the great crew at the Pottstown Classics for seeing this project through and making a dream become a reality for this veteran.

Do you have a similar story or build in the works? Please send us an email and we can feature your build or story on the Eastwood Blog! -Matt/EW


  1. I am a 24 year army vet. I’ve been working on my 55 chevy 210. I’m about 85 % finish. During this time I’ve endure some serious medical issues. 2 major back surgeries, lung issues. As soon as Im back up on my feet I hope to be back in shop finishing up my ride. I’ve been working on it for 5 years.

  2. Hello! My husband, Joseph, was medically separated in August from the USMC. A CH-53 helicopter blade fell on him causing severe spinal injuries. He had his 3rd spinal fusion Tuesday, the 9th. This has made it difficult for him to finish restoring his 1965 mustang that he one day hopes to give to our oldest daughter. July 2nd will be his birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary making it the first we’ve ever gotten to spend together due to serving the military. I wanted to surprise him but don’t know anything about cars- thank you!

  3. I am a Disabled Veteran living in the Atlanta Metro area! I was homeless and just recently got an apartment through the Hudvash program! I don’t have a running vehicle currently, but I do have a classic chevy pickup truck! I would like to know if there are local shops that would be willing to provide some space and some minor labor to assist vterans with restoring a classic. I’m not asking for financial assist just some expertise and the use of shop space and maybe some tools! I would like to know if there is currently a program in place like this and if not how would I go about asking local shops to participate in a program like this!

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